Calgary Late Night Liquor specializes in delivering alcohol fast and reliable. We make sure your delivery is what you wanted and delivered in a timely manner. You can expect your delivery to be at your door step within one hour but in most cases within 30 minutes. 

Call or Text Your Order To… 587-500-9291

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If you are planning a special event, such as a birthday party, xmas party, anniversary party,  corporate events, or a business meeting, you can rely on us to deliver your alcohol and food needs within the time you want and the time you expect, at the best possible price. For these special occasions it’s also best to get a hold of us in advance to make sure everything goes smoothly and on time.

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The best part about Calgary Late Night Liquor is that we are also open late to serve Calgary to keep your party going without having to drink and drive. Our drivers are experienced and have great attitudes delivering your order throughout the night. They have in-depth knowledge on city streets and how to get to your address fast and on time. Drivers are equipped with a GPS to ensure they won’t get lost or take to long in finding your address, which allows them to deliver your liquor delivery in Calgary and food to your home or business within one hour or less. They are friendly and are happy to deliver your liquor delivery on time and with a smile.

Call or Text Your Order To… 587-500-9291

Here at Late Night Liquor Delivery Calgary, we offer services at the most affordable rates (We accept Cash or Email Transfers). We pay strict attention to our pricing of our products and services so everyone involved is happy with their Calgary liquor store order.

Our customers are always our #1 priority which is why we constantly trying to better our customer service. If you have any complaints or issues with our delivery service or drivers, please contact us immediately so we can try to resolve the problem quickly and fairly.


Call or Text Your Order To… 587-500-9291

Calgary Late Night Liquor .com is a  liquor delivery Calgary service.  Late Night Liquor Calgary will deliver you the coldest beer delivery Calgary and are awaiting to deliver you liquor, spirits, domestic and imported beer and wines within a 24 hours liquor store for big liquor orders. Our Calgary liquor delivery service will also deliver you any brand of  smokes, and your choice of cold pop. Just give us a call we deliver it all.

Call or Text Your Order To… 587-500-9291

We are ready to deliver you beer, liquor, wine, coolers and anything else you need from a liquor store delivery to all parts of Calgary, which include the SE, NE, NW, AND SW, We are open 7 days a week for all your night life and party needs. So after hours in Calgary waiting for your delivery from the other Calgary liquor delivery service even waiting up to 24 hours liquor store delivery guys for your  delivery that never comes on time, try Calgary Late Night Liquor .com and we will come to your home or business and almost every delivery is always under an hour, and usually within 30 minutes or less. So for an on time and  friendly liquor delivery Calgary it is a good idea to call us first. As well the cost of your delivery will be very competitive and fair so you can enjoy your liquor delivery Calgary  from each delivery we take to you. Remember This Too – DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE !  GET IT DELIVERED TODAY !  Try our Calgary Liquor Delivery partners if you cant get through to us Calgary LATE NIGHT LIQUOR .ca at 587-500-9291 ..or  DIAL A BOTTLE CALGARY .com or CALGARY DIAL A BOTTLE .com at 403 561-1741.


We are Calgary Late Night Liquor .com a delivery service in Calgary, we deliver  liquor and more to all areas and communities in Calgary. Our name says it all and we are open late into the night 7 days a week, even open over Christmas day time and night time. We take your order over the phone or by cell text messaging. Once your order is taken we thrive to do our best with a fast and on time liquor

delivery Calgary right to your doorstep at home. Almost every order arrives in 20 to 30 minutes from the time you placed your order by phone or text. If you need spirits how about Smirnoff vodka or a 12 pack of Budweiser Beer or how about a party favorite Captain Morgans Spiced Rum, we are always ready to deliver your request fast and friendly. Just give us a call we do it all, so you won’t have too! We will gladly deliver any kind of your favorite alcoholic beverages spanning from various Vodkas, name brand beer , a variety of Dark, White or Spiced Rums, Rye or Scotch Whiskies, Gin, Tequila,

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to Coolers, Ciders, Iced Tea and Hard Lemonade, a wide variety of Red, White or Rose Wines, and for maybe a celebration for the holidays at Christmas  the ever popular Champagne. You can order up anything from the liquor store within 24 hour open period and you will save money off sales in Calgary and off-sales any time we are open in Calgary. Our Calgary Liquor Delivery Service is top notch with very

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experienced  drivers and are very friendly that work in the liquor delivery service Calgary industry. Our experienced drivers definitely know the city inside and out and if needed are equipped with a GPS to make sure your alcohol delivery is on time in Calgary unlike after hours late like the other guys 24/7 on there liquor store delivery service off-sales in Calgary is open to debate . By using us over the other Calgary dial a bottle services you will see why we are the premier and go to dial a bottle service in Calgary for all your delivery needs. Dial a Bottle Calgary  .com will also provide you with taking and delivering large orders  for your house parties, birthday parties, social and family events so you can leave all the heavy lifting and carrying to us so you can do absolutely nothing but enjoy your event in total peace and completely worry free.

Call or Text Your Order To… 587-500-9291

Call or Text Your Order To… 587-500-9291